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What is a torrent and how to download?

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1 What is a torrent and how to download? on Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:28 am

What is a torrent?

A .torrent file is a file that contains the basic information about a file or set of files. This includes the file names, sizes, the date created and some other information. The torrent file also contains an info hash - which is basically just a unique code for that torrent.
No other set of file(s) will have the same info hash as this one. The final thing contained inside the torrent is a list of trackers. If you have some torrent files, you can't open them in a text editor because they are encoded. You will need to open them in torrent client software (like Auzureus) which you can install on your computer.

How to download them:

To download a torrent you need a torrent client software. This program will read the torrent and start downloading the file instantly in it's user interface. Torrent client software are programs such as:
- Azureus
- Bitcomet
- Bittorrent
- U Torrent

Once the file is downloaded you may need to unzip it, unrar it, mount it, or, if not you can just use the file as normal!

Torrent Client Software:

The most recommended software to use is Azureus. It provides the user with the most available options and is the easiest way to start downlaoding.

- Azureus
- Bitcomet
- Bittorrent
- U Torrent


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